Ministry Teams




Each team will decide how often they need to meet to carry out their assignments.  Each team will not be limited in number.  Each team shall be made up of individuals who are actively participating in a local church in good standing with the association. It is desirable that members who serve have a particular passion for the ministry area in which they serve.  The team will appoint a chairman at the first planned meeting who will then give leadership.  This team leader will be presented at the next executive board for affirmation and recognition. The elected team chairman shall be limited to no more than two years as chairman.  Each team will have a portion of the associational budget for its ministry assignment.  Teams shall remain intact as long as necessary and are not on a rotation basis.  They are to serve until the Lord moves them off the team.  If it becomes necessary to remove some person from the team, it shall be done by a vote of the team members present.  A two thirds vote to dismiss a team member shall be required.



This team will focus on overseeing the day to day operation of the association.
This team consists of each priority team leader, associational moderator, vice-moderator, associational staff, and two at large members elected by the executive board. The moderator will lead the Administrative Ministry Team.   The DOM will be an ex-officio member of this team.  This team will direct the daily functions of the association including oversight of all the finances and reporting requirements of the association.
The Administrative Ministry Team shall oversee the administrative functions of the association, including annual budgeting, finance management, personnel policies, properties, endowments, and any other fiscal functions essential to the operation of the association.

The association moderator shall serve as team leader for the Administrative Ministry Team.

The Administrative Ministry Team shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Director of Missions.

The Administrative Ministry Team shall also recommend to the Executive Leadership Board the ministry task force teams necessary to carry out the work of the association.  They shall also exercise administrative oversight of these ministry teams.

In the event of the need to replace a member of one of the ministry team members, this Administrative Ministry Team will take the lead.  They will assess the situation and recommend removal of a team member.  A two thirds vote is required to remove a team member.
 Administrative Ministry Team
  Mark Lindsey, Director (432) 254-0176
  Karen Cornett (432) 399-4386
  Bill Schaffner (432) 267-7886
  Jim Binnix (432) 213-3516
  Wayne Bristow (432) 263-1216
  Bonnie Wheat (432) 270-4934



 This focus team will assist in growing and nurturing the churches.

This ministry team will be charged with the responsibility to assist churches in assessing church health issues.  The toolbox approach will be used to determine what is needed and each need addressed.  This team will make use of available resources to help churches address needs identified.  This team will consist of persons with a passion for helping churches to assess obstacles preventing growth and determine appropriate resources to move the church to good health.


Church Enrichment Ministry Team



This focus team will be charged with equipping and encouraging both clergy and lay leadership.

This team will work to make churches and leadership aware of resources that are available for equipping and training church leadership at all levels.  They will assist local churches in making disciples.  This team will also work to provide training opportunities for existing church clergy and staff. 

This team will also recommend officers to serve the association at the annual meeting as indicated in ARTICLE V, SECTION D, of the constitution.   


Leadership Development Ministry Team




This focus team will partner with churches in reaching people for Christ.

This team will be available to help coordinate efforts to start new churches, Bible studies, children’s clubs, and any other ministries that will serve the purposes of reaching people for Christ.  The scope of their assignment will broaden to involve sister churches in community outreach projects as well.

They will also work toward promoting the ACTS 1:8 strategy in each church. 

Evangelism/Missions Ministry Team
  Jim Binnix, Director (432) 213-3516 
  Ken McMeans (432) 935-2083
  A.J. & La Verne Dean (432) 263-7474

  Edna Holland (432) 263-6087
  Sherry Lindsey (870) 917-9201
  Zelda Gibbs (432) 394-4240
  Tim Blackshear (432) 263-7961



This team will focus on building and strengthening relationships among our associational family.      

They will promote the fellowship of churches and staff through partnering in ministry.  They will plan and promote fellowship through special events designed to build “koinonia” within the sister churches.  This team will give priority to the development of the prayer ministry of the association.

This team will also be charged with responsibilities related to church membership issues as indicated in ARTICLE IV, SECTION B of the constitution. 

Partnership/Fellowship Ministry Team

  Monroe Teeters   (432) 264-7326
          Senior Adult Ministry       Virginia Bryant (432) 267-8666
          Senior Adult Ministry Verma Enfield (432) 267-9629
          Senior Adult Ministry Bill Schaffner (432) 267-7886
          Senior Adult Ministry Lillian Bohannon (432) 213-1046
          Senior Adult Ministry Harvey Harris (432) 267-6405


This team seeks God's leadership in developing ministries to meet local needs .  Ministry opportunities include:
Ministry with inmates, Training for parolees, Ministry to families of inmates in the local prison system,Partnership with the Spring of Siloam Christian Women's Job Corp in providing job skills for women who need to find work, Training opportunities for implementation of an immigration ministry, Crime victims and other special needs groups in our community

Social Ministries Team

  Bonnie Wheat-Director (432) 517-4472
  Tina Buchanan (432) 213-2857
  Karen Cornett (432) 399-4386
  Virginia Bryant (432) 267-8666
  Laverne Dean (432) 263-7474
  Pedro Tobias (956) 740-0072
  Ron Westbrook (432) 466-3339
  Terry Sims (432) 264-6249
  Beverly Johnson  (432) 263-8195